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Luciano Duca


Davide Luraghi


Daniele Belotti


Matteo Salvestrini


Stefano Tarsitano


The Name

The name "Chaos Plague" comes from a Nietzsche's work: he introduced himself, in one of his letters, as the "Chaos Scribe". His strong belief was that the Chaos is an interior strength, unstoppable, powerful yet ungovernable. An energy that would lead the man who could control it to the "Ubermensch" condition. "Plague" refers to the uneasiness that afflicts who recognizes the Chaos inside himself but lives in a world where this wonderful gift is constantly wasted and mistreated. It is the pain and the agony of being an outcast because of an inner condition.

The Band

Chaos Plague was formed in 2006 by Matteo Salvestrini (bass), Davide Luraghi (guitar) and Stefano Tarsitano (drums). The main purpose of the band is to create something personal and orignal with a technical and Death-Metal-oriented aptitude. Since the beginning, they have composed original songs, keeping improving their technique and musical skills at the same time. Throughout 2010 the band became active thanks to a complete line-up and it started to play live shows with a new Progressive Metal inclination. In 2011, the EP named "Chaos Plague" came out. In 2013 Daniele Belotti, as a singer, and Luciano Duca, as lead guitar, joined the band.

In April 2015 the first full-length album “Existence through Annihilation” was published and appreciated in Italy and abroad.

The band is currently writing new material for a second album, exploring new horizons of its style.

Chaos Plague's music is the result of a strong union between extreme death metal and a more technical kind of music, which is typical of the early 90s (Death, Malevolent Creation, Pestilence). However, it kept also progressive influences from Control Denied, Spiral Architect and Opeth and Jazz moods of Atheist, Cynic and Martyr.

Chaos Plague wants to create a music that represents all the complexity of the human inner nature, a music with many different facets: from the most violent ones, generated by the fury and homicide instinct arising from hate, 'till some dark moods of introspection and individual quest. The result is a very complex and intricate genre.

Join us in this voyage along a stream of consciousness.

Lords of

"...A promising debut for the Italians..... Hopefully, it will help lifting the genre up to a new level of maturity."

"...We will still hear about the insane Chaos Plague who cannot go into the oblivion, thanks to its incredible personality and majestic creativity…"

Rock&Metal in my Blood

“Chaos Plague shows everybody how much technique can be a passion communication and not just a cold form of exercise; …They’ve published an absolutely astonishing, surprising album, which is undoubtedly very inspired by bands like Death and Cynic but, at the same time, is something quite new in this scene”

"... A world that breathes in symmetry with the elements of a Death Metal that, nowadays, no longer exists, and that faces the challenges by using a modern, unbridled and never tamed technique."

"…Chaos Plague (…) creates a latent feeling and atmosphere."

“These songs make up a mastodontic, beautiful and fascinating opera; music to be listened to by taking the time to understand it, as it should always be for this genre"


".. an album not to be missed for Prog Metal lovers"